Anne-Marie Duff

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“She is a joy to work with. Her experience in the theatre and her intelligence, meant that she brought so much to the rehearsal process—delving deep into the character.” – Director Sarah Gavron, Suffragette

Straighten up when film and theatre star Anne-Marie Duff [4] passes, she’s the real deal. Her recent Twitter campaign #filmherstory demanded more films centered on important female characters from history. Appropriately, she stars in the forthcoming British drama Suffragette alongside Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter. Together, these early footsoldiers of the feminist movement champion Emmeline Pankhurst (played by silver fox Meryl Streep), the celebrated political activist who helped women win the right to vote. Add this to a laundry list of CALIFUK-worthy feats: Duff’s longstanding tenure on Channel 4’s Shameless (2004-2013), her four BAFTA nominations and BAFTA Cymru win, and how about this aboveboard manoeuver? When Duff and her beloved husband, acclaimed theatre star and ex-Shameless costar James McAvoy, were nearly paired as real-life and stage-life husband and wife in Macbeth, they chose to star in two separate productions of the Scottish play. They sensed the tabloid fodder best skip this mortal coil.

4 Born 8 October 1970[a]

4.a “I supposed I just lost my job because of my political beliefs.” [i]

4.i Angela Davis  [*] from: “Regents Refuse to Renew Miss Davis’ UCLA Contract” 

by William Trombley | Los Angeles Times | 8 October 1970

*Communist Angela Davis was contracted as an acting professor of philosophy for UCLA’s 1970-1971 academic year until a 15-6 decision ruled otherwise.

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