Try My Banana Split

by Miguel Angel Jiménez

PREMIERE: Yelle - "Complètement Fou (TEPR Remix)”
Complètement Fou is French for going bananas--metaphorically speaking of course. Stylistically speaking, it’s safe to assume that Yelle is the furthest from crazy in the traditional sense. After all, she’s an artisanal génie and connoisseur of obscure pop. Her latest landmark is a paramount display of her continuous ability to evolve. It’s the very quality that separates timelessness from disposable talent.

In this entrancing remix from Parisian producer TEPR, we hear a slightly darker take on the track. The remix comes natural to TEPR who, as a former Yelle collaborator, fully understands her initiatives. He introduces the track with marimbas which toy with our slow-creeping season depression, and longing for summer--a tropical flavor quickly yanked away by a booming house beat. The throbbing beat melds over subtle disco and future synth chords that repetitively build upon each other forging the hypnotic dance tune. TEPR borrows from deeper soundscapes to create one of those pulsating, beating, breathing, subtly euphoric dance tracks that could loop and loop and loop--keeping you moving, and dancing, and breathing forever further, and further away…

Yelle's newest album Complètement Fou is out now.


Photo: Paley Fairman