Valentine's Day Has a New Voice and Her Name Is O’Neill Hudson: Listen to 'I'm All You'

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

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O'Neill Hudson has a voice that is slow, sultry, and drawn. It is a romantic serenade that evokes intense emotions, leaving you to feel vulnerable and, hell, even a little lonely. That’s her power when she sings her new single “I’m All You,” a love-rock ballad that Hudson describes as “romantic-indie rock.” She opens with her vocals, a slow graze of a guitar, and coos, “I see a sadness in your eyes/ the waves crash into the tide/ wading in the water/ sink or swim/ I stay here right beside you/ thick and thin.” It's as if your heart is hanging on a slim stem on a windy night and leaves you falling.  

Hudson is the moniker of LA-based artist Paris Carney. Her single released on Spotify today (February 12) just in time for Valentine’s Day, or for all those hopeless singles out there: National All Singles Day. Hudson explains how she was inspired to sing the heart-melting lyrics from what her husband told her through a bout of depression and anxiety,

“I'm All You" is a love song written from my husband's perspective to me,” Hudson explains. “I personally battle with depression and anxiety and on a really low night of mine, my husband said, "I'm all you," as a way of saying "Don't worry, I've got your back through this always.” Hudson continues to explain how the words captivated her, explaining that they were poetic and beautiful; recognizing her love for her husband through his words. “I went to the studio to write with Johnny the next day,” she says, “and knew that story and sentiment had to be captured in a song.”

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The single was co-written with songwriter, producer, guitarist Johnny Hanson, who also sings alongside Hudson on the track. He will also be releasing his debut EP for his own solo project, Walker Reinhardt, later this year. Hanson remarks on the process, explaining that the song unfolded for them naturally without a hitch.

"The song just kind of flowed out of us very organically and quickly.” Hanson says, “We had the song written and recorded in the matter of a few hours, which is a rare thing. I really think we captured some magic with this one.” O'Neill Hudson’s song is bewitching and lures her listeners into a trance that will make you want to slow dance under a moonlit window, or cry with a glass of your best red wine.

Photography and Styling by Leore Hayon
All photos were shot at Johnny Hanson’s  Los Angeles studio.

O'Neill Hudson's Twitter & Instagram: @oneillhudsonsings & @pariscarney
Johnny Hanson's Twitter & Instagram: @classichanson