The Great Aural Interplay 12

by Connie Shen

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians
[it seemed like a good idea at the time]
Lady interviewed by Colt Kraft Band

It’s a rare condition, in this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page; they sang it then, as Carl Winslow was settling into his La-Z Boy, and they’ll sing it now.

Thank heavens for Lady. Theirs is the sound of the best we were, to get over times like these, a beehive of big hair in a haze of Aqua Net that blocks the view of cable news cycling the worst that we’ve become. And when Atlanta’s Nicole Wray and England’s Terri Walker stare long into the pastel-flecked harmony where contemporary hip-hop, sixties doo wop, soul, and R&B lives, the sound stares back.

Colt Kraft Band: What did you have for breakfast? Nicole: I had two fried eggs, turkey bacon, grits, and OJ for breakfast.

Terri: My breakfast today consisted of two full yawns, a full body stretch in which I stubbed my toe on the bedside so that I screamed like a ranting lunatic until my neighbors came knocking on the door alarmed that I had been attacked by an intruder, which of course wasn’t the case. Then after all the excitement had calmed down, I prepared myself a boring bowl of Weetabix cereal! The end!

Write us a rap about pizza. Nicole: Give me that cheese cheese/with a little bit of cream cream cream/I need that sauce sauce sauce/to drip down my mouth mouth mouth/pepperoni please/that’s all I need/hot and melted yes/I want it New York style/makes me smile/give me that cheese cheese cheese with a little bit of cream cream cream/I need that sauce sauce sauce/to drip down my mouth mouth mouth!

Terri: I believe Nicole already got this. I’m blank!

Fill in the blank: “Oh say can you _____?” Nicole: Oh say can you stop hating on one another, it’s super lame and plus the ones who hate are just mad because they’re rejects of some sort, let people do what they want, wear what they want, be gay if they want, smoke chronic if they want, love who they want, sing what they want, dance how they want. Believe in what you want. ‘Only God can judge me.’ —Tupac Shakur

Terri: Oh say can you see that little monkey sitting on a tree trying to flirt with me, but wait ain’t that Diddy?

What is the biggest risk you have taken musically? Did it pay off? Nicole: The biggest risk I think I had to take musically was walking away from my first record deal after recording a second album that was never gonna be released. I think it did pay off in a way, and it made me struggle also as an artist to find my own way. It helped me write more about my life and what I was going through and seeing as a young adult. I appreciate life more, performing more, loving more, hurting and laughing and getting older, taking my time meeting new people, traveling, and—the most important—rebuilding my relationship with my mother and father.

Terri: Trying to do pop music and no, it didn’t pay off. I still cringe about it now!

Beauty Notes: Alll makeup by SMASHBOX COSMETICS

Photographer: Brooke Nipar for Stylist: Julie Matos for Hair: Johnny Stuntz for Makeup: Denika Bedrossian for Photography Assistant: Anthonie Gonzalez. Styling Assistant: Amanda Marmer.