Blonde Redhead

by flaunt

Must Contain Elements of Magic, Serenity, Sorcery and Mystery
In the ten years since Misery is a Butterfly, Blonde Redhead has released only three albums; their most recent, Barragán, is a pure, sparse little thing that feels like a taking stock moment after so many years of forging ahead. Flaunt caught up with the enigmatic trio after a triumphant couple of tour dates in New York.

Where do you pull most of your inspiration? And does this change with each album or do you find yourself in a comfortable place when you being the creative process? I think every album feels different; our lives change from album to album, which always affects the writing process. It has never really been a specific thing that inspires a song for me and writing music is still quite a mystery, I think inspiration comes more from feeling liberated and not being afraid to make mistakes, which always seem to lead somewhere.

The album has a very sparse feeling, is this in any way a tribute to the minimalist architecture of Luis Barragán? Kazu was very inspired by his architecture at the time of when the album was recorded but as I mentioned earlier it really isn't a concept or an idea that inspires us to write music.

How did the four-year break [after Penny Sparkle] affect the creative process of Barragán? Well we toured quite extensively for Penny Sparkle at which time we could not really write music. We wrote for about a year once the tour was done. We always need quite a bit of time between albums as we need to move from old songs to new.

What inspired the move away from electronic instruments? We just felt the need to make something that felt different to us than what we lived through with the last album. The fact that it's more acoustic and minimal is a decision we made when trying to document these new songs and trying to find the best way to unfold them.

You reference the moon and moonlight in several tracks; can you tell us what this means to you? The moon rules Kazu's sign.

What can we look forward to? Hopefully, more music.