If The Deadline Is Not Met, Corporal Punishment Will Be Enforced

by flaunt

Photographed by Paul Jung
Stylist: Adrian Manuel at adrianmanuel.com. Art Director: Melitta Baumeister at melittabaumeister.com. Models: Lyle Lodwick for fusionmodelsnyc.com and Jake Shortall for majormodel.com, NY. Hand Models: Adele Uddo and Xing Kai Wu for partsmodels.com. Hair: Jeanie Syfu for artistandagency.com. Makeup: Misha Shahzada for artistandagency.com. Art Department: Mark Welsh at markwelshphoto.com. Digital Tech: Wiliam Ross. Photography Assistants: Daniel Jaramillo and Jae Eun Seok. Styling Assistants: Georgina Pena, Magdalena Moliné, Ryan Gale, and Elizabeth Yowe.