by flaunt

Project Cobalt Presents CAPSULE S/S 2016: A Snapshot of Modern Menswear
At one point in the film above, a boy, around seven or eight, waves at the camera from behind the lens of his own camera. He is wearing horn-rimmed fashion sunglasses indoors, and I feel briefly more hopeful about humanity, and about menswear continuing it's upward trajectory into future generations.

The boy is one of the stylish attendees of Capsule, the fashion and lifestyle trade event, which last month presented seven noteworthy labels from around the globe. The brands--among them Baartmans & Siegel, Blackfist, Camo, Cmmn Swdn, Maiden Noir, Second Layer, and Matthew Miller--represent a mélange of some of the most innovative contemporary menswear drawing from different sources of inspiration, including “small traditional Italian workshops” and “non-gender aesthetics.” The entire proceeding was handily documented by documented and shot by Robert Gallardo for Project Cobalt, a film, fashion and technology collective that "Thrives on new energy," in a grainy VHS docu-style film.

Next week, Capsule is continuing their good work in the city of sin for one of the fabulous expos happening during Las Vegas Fashion Week.

Sunglasses: Likely.