A Canter Is a Cure for Every Evil

by flaunt

Director of Photography: Kevin Michael Schmitz for Jorgeperezreps.com. Art Direction: Karin Nord and Kevin Michael Schmitz. Photographer: Jamaica Wexelman. Models: Sterling Folkestad for LAmodels.com, Matt Poeschl, Joanna Tobiasz, and Matt Poeschl for nextmanagement.com. Styling: Eric Himel. Styling Assistant: Kimisha Renee. Hair: DaRico Jackson. Makeup: Tomoko Miyamoto for makeupforever.com. Horse Trainer: Sabine Schut-Kery. Production Assistants: Jonathan Rodriguez and Brandon Hiehle. Equipment and Motorhome Provided by Quixote Studios. Location: El Campeon Farms Special Thanks: Christy Reich and Sabine Schut-Kery at El Campeon Farms