Hôtel Grand Amour

by Mui-Hai Chu

Hotel Grand Amour is located in the trendy 10th arrondissement and is born from the creative collaboration between artist André Saraiva, restaurateur Emmanuel Delavenne, and hotelier Thierry Costes. There are 42 guest rooms in the 5 stories. Each floor has a different color palette and design. Don't forget to take a look at the carpeting in the hallway which was designed by Saraiva especially for this place and the diverse erotic and contemporary art hanging everywhere. 

Every room is unique and like stepping into a dream of your past or some very cultured and esteemed person's apartment. Worn in, dripping with personal touches, a formidable knowledge of art, distant memories, comfortable, yet somehow untouchable as well. Like being inside the apartment of a crush’s for the first time. It feels like home? But will it ever be...?

My tiny nook for one evening felt like I was in a much cooler past version of my childhood self. Somehow there was a feeling of deep nostalgia in an entire wall lined with vintage and used books, dog eared by sleepless nights reading about the perils of Poirot (will he find out who actually killed Linnet Doyle!?) under the covers while a vintage styled clock radio (that is still fully digitized for our modern world though; let’s not kid around with taking away bluetooth) streams jazz and the dulcet tones of a French radio DJ’s voice as they say…(I don’t understand French, but will fully speculate it was a distant recollection about how the last played melody was about a ski trip in the 70s to Lausanne where she enjoyed her first kiss with a boy she wasn't too fond of, but eh, you don't always get what you want and a kiss is still a kiss).

Nostalgic much? Well fear not, you definitely won’t get caught up in the throes of your own mental escapades as the lively chatter and music from downstairs will ultimately lure you into enjoy the buzzing scene of the restaurant and bar where laughter rolls off like clouds and the quintessential (you thought it was a cliche?) Parisian cool girl and French playboy are mere centimeters (ah! or less! as you brush sleeves!) away smoking cigarettes. Normally this might all sound like a dreadful thing. The din of fun kept me up at night! But here, it’s inviting, it's compelling. It feels like it’s the place to be and you might never want to leave.

Hôtel Grand Amour

18 Rue de la Fidélité, 75010 Paris, France

Photos by Mui-Hai Chu