Flaunt Premiere | Teenager Forever "Sell Out"

by Liam Casey

Snap, crackle, POP!

For Teenager Forever, it’s a material world, and the only sustenance is a good product. They like diamonds in their bags, McDonald’s fries, selfies, pop-tarts, and...DHL. Indeed, the Danish duo destined for digital domination are delivering, premiering their second single, “Sell Out” along with a music video, best enjoyed, probably, by washing it down with a Pepsi on ice.

For Teenager Forever, consisting of Hans and Anna who met in high school in Århus, the ire of selling out has become outdated and supplanted by a desire to brand the self and become the commodity. “We are all products, make sure you sell yourself to the highest bidder,” they say.

Following their debut single and video “#FAKE” last month, Teenager Forever continue to pull listeners out of their dull physical worlds and into an eternal online Promised Land with “Sell Out”, producing a track that tastes like candy and sounds like bubblegum.

The duo enlisted L.A. creative team Shoplift Productions, founded by music producer Bram Inscore (Troye Sivan, Hayley Kiyoko) and filmmaker Lin Agnholt (Vice, XL recordings) to help perfect their sound and image, paying homage to a legion of Euro-pop greats like Nena & Aqua and American icons like Britney and Ariana. Teenager Forever will release their debut EP in 2019.

Listen to “Sell Out” here.