Step for Equality at LA's Women's March and Get a Bonus Tee Treat from Tamara Mellon

by Britton Litow

Photo curtesy of Tamara Mellon 

Photo curtesy of Tamara Mellon 

Bad-ass women, calling all bad-ass women!

As the empowered female that you are, you’re likely already aware of the fact that this Saturday, January 20th and Sunday, January 21st, the second Women’s March will rear its lovely head. Going off the success of last year’s march, the luxury shoe brand Tamara Mellon, created by women for women, wants to keep the momentum going by offering up the hashtag #marchwithTM.

Though marching for equality and justice is its own reward, Tamara Mellon will offer something extra for anyone who joins her at the march this weekend and uses the hashtag during either of the two days. Your reward? A limited edition t-shirt sporting a buzzworthy female empowered image, shot by acclaimed artist-photographer Paola Kudacki.

So put on your marching shoes (those Mellon heels might not quite suffice, lovely as they are) and join Tamara and the many other beautiful women who are making their voices heard.

Written by Britton Litow