No Sesso x Come Tees Runway 2018: a Video of their Bold Fashion Show

by Andie Eisen

In a runway show that strides confidently through the crossroads of art and fashion, NO SESSO and COME TEES debuted their collaboration to an eager audience packed wall to wall in a warehouse in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

No Sesso (meaning "no sex/gender" in Italian) is a unisex clothing brand by designer Pierre Davis. Davis collages and repurposes traditional elements of clothing with the goal of making her brand accessible to all spectrums of gender, shape, and identity. Come Tees, founded in 2009 by artist Sonya Sombreuil, has since developed a cult following for her signature, graphic streetwear brand. The conceptual, hand-painted t-shirts have become an underground hit in the LA fashion scene. 

Davis and Sombreuil cast their friends and contemporaries (local artists and makers) as the models walking the runway. The garments are bold, graphic, and unrestrained. Characteristic of No Sesso, the clothes are unbound by conventional form. The irregular patterns and ambiguous designs create an adaptable style, uniquely determined by the wearer. 

This show had a distinctly rebellious energy—exploding conventions of the fashion industry. Open to anyone who wanted to attend, there was a noted desire to escape the elitism and exclusivity of the traditional runway show.

Flaunt presents the premiere of the No Sesso x Come Tees runway film. 

Produced by Tyler Finnie, Mary Clark and Jake Eisenmann in association with No Sesso and Come Tees.  

Music by DJs Venus X and Asmara 

Written by Andie Eisen