Danielle Guizio: a Q&A with New York City's Up-and-Coming Millennial Designer

by flaunt

Danielle Guizio

Danielle Guizio

Burgeoning New York designer Danielle Guizio dresses millennials in head (and soon) to toe in relaxed downtown NYC style. The designs include a mix of bodysuits, bomber jackets, swimsuits, dresses, sweat suits, jewelry, and custom embroidery. The playful yet edgy garments reflect Danielle’s personal style stemming from the energy and hustle that exists in the New York air. Guizio’s clothes can be seen on the likes of Victoria Secret models, and stars like Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Halsey, and Kendall Jenner. We spoke to Danielle to find out more about her up-and-coming brand.

When did you start your brand and why?

Three years ago. Before I started my company, I was finding myself endlessly frustrated, stuck in between wanting to dress “cool” but not having the funds to. I turned to vintage thrifting, customizing t-shirts and expressing myself that way with my friends. I’d save paychecks to spend on one single high-end piece that would only last me so long. I always felt unfulfilled working under someone else. No job or college class felt right. I went to fashion school but the vibe felt snooty when it didn’t have to be; we were all there for the same reason. It was a recipe of all those frustrations put together.

The items of your collection are a perfect mix between edgy and girly with a relaxed and comfortable vibe. What are your inspirations for the designs that you create?

What inspires me stems from a variety of thoughts, feelings, movies, shows, etc. When I reach for clothes in my closet my initial thoughts are, “Ok, well I want to dress comfortable but I also want to feel good.” I would use the word “sexy” but I don’t really like that word. I want my customer to feel something when they wear our pieces.

When you’re brainstorming ideas for new items, what is your creative process?

My first thought is “what is something that doesn’t already exist” or “how can we take this vintage top and modify it to just simply work better.”

Tell me about an item or project you’ve completed that has made you proudest of what you do?

Any pieces from the past two years forward. When I first began, starting on graphic tees just felt easy. I had hundreds of graphic tee ideas and phrases that I could have just went on and on with. Actually, designing collections is slightly more of a challenge. My cut and sew collections have much more meaning to me because they are far more complex. Many challenges and obstacles go into one piece alone. I don’t have a huge team of designers so every piece feels like an accomplishment.

Your clothes have been seen on a spectrum of different high profile people. How did you curate your dream clientele?

Curating my clientele originally started based on friends wearing my pieces. Which unraveled into hands of more celebs and stylists that enjoyed my brand. I’m selective over who we put our pieces on. Who is wearing your clothes is a symbol of not only who you are, but it’s displaying your art, it’s your billboard. I’ve chosen a cool girl with sick organic style to put my pieces on over A-listers or someone with one million IG followers numerous times. I have a handful of girls who I truly love representing my pieces from celebrities to your “normal” girl. Both are just as inspiring to me.

Kylie Jenner in custom Danielle Guizio top for Flaunt's Cadence issue

Kylie Jenner in custom Danielle Guizio top for Flaunt's Cadence issue

If you could describe an ideal customer for your brand and their day-to-day life, what would it entail?

I create my pieces essentially for myself. Pieces I really want to wear, that I really want to exist. Because I know if it’s something I like, then I can show my customer why they would, too. If they don’t, that’s still okay.

Swimwear was just added as a category to your brand, do you hope to grow by adding categories for your online store? If so, what do you hope to expand on?

I’ve been wanting to get into swim for years. Although I finally felt now was perfect timing. We’ll also be expanding with footwear September 1.

If you could get your clothes in any retail store, online or brick-and-mortar, what would it be and why?

I like to team up with stores that I’m personally passionate about. I would love to do a small collab collection or capsule with Barneys of some sort. Selfridges, too. Our price-point caters to millennials, which makes matters moderately difficult for higher-end stores.

What are your future plans in terms of upcoming collections?

Footwear, eyewear, and more to come.

Written by: Morgan Vickery