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Apparently 'coolness' is a dominant gene in the Merkel family. As recent LA transplants from London, you may recognize the sibling model duo: Emilia and Fenton Merkell. We've first introduced them in our #poolaroid summer series in 2017, and we got to know them a little better during this 'My Own Private Idaho x The Suicide Diaries' inspired editorial, photographed by Gabrielle Revere.



Emilia, 16, is a model and and aspiring filmmaker.

I grew up with a mom (Patsy Palmer) as an actress, and loved the whole world of it. Moving to LA was a huge change for me, but I wouldn’t ever want to be anywhere else, although I will always have my English roots. 

How do you like working with Fenton?

I am very close with my brother and I'm very grateful to have him by my side as we start our careers. Fenton and I occasionally read each other’s minds in certain situations. It’s more like we will look at each other in public and burst out laughing because I know exactly what he's thinking. Working with Fenton is great, it makes modeling more fun, and we get to goof off and take work less seriously. We already hang out on most days, so it's super easy to work together. My favorite thing about Fenton is honestly just how he will always have my back.

How is your new life in Los Angeles?

I love living in LA. The sunshine makes me extremely happy, and it’s a truly beautiful place to live. When I hang with friends I’m usually at someone’s house, or we will be getting food as we are always hungry, and then in summer, I be spending 100% of my time at the beach.



Fenton, 17, model. 

How do you like working with your sister?

Lately we have been working together a lot and it’s so fun to always have someone to talk to. We are always laughing and messing around and I feel most confident when she is around.

You and Emilia seem really close.

We have been best friends since we were little. We have the same friend group, she is my Irish twin. We do everything together, so we are very similar. We watch the same shows, we like the same sports and music. She copies me a lot. She is more mature than me but I’m funnier.

What is your life like in LA?

Me and friends are always out and about, playing basketball, going to parties. When I’m not doing that, I will sit at home with my girlfriend and watch Netflix for two days straight. I love being with my little brother and playing with him and his little friends. My house is the perfect family house so I love being around my family. I’m always writing, watching movies, listening to music.


Photographed by Gabrielle Revere

Written by Linda Nyvltova

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