Wednesdays at the drive-in: Seiho “The Vase” Video Premiere

by Clementina Marini Clarelli

Japanese producer Seiho makes a high-art film to accompany his "Collapse" LP
Accompanying Japanese producer Seiho’s Collapse LP, which is coming out on May 20th on LEAVING records, is “The Vase”: a performative and conceptual short film, directed by Seiho and by Kiyoshi Matsumae, packed with symbolism and hidden meanings. Some of those symbols are part of Seiho’s live performance, such as drinking a glass of milk. “Milk is something I felt erotic for the first time in my childhood,” the artist explains. “I feel that drinking milk is not an usual behavior. I wanted to do something on stage that even an elementary school student or an old man could do.” Other symbols, the artist tells us, such as the Ikebana, the Vase, or the flower arrangement, do not represent a universal symbol, but have a personal significance to the Seiho and his significant other.

The artificial feel of the project,  expressed through the plastic props and the bright red backdrop which accompanies every frame, is also one of the core themes:  “There are real images and images made of computer graphics used in the video, however, since it is a video production, it doesn’t necessarily need to be real flowers and real fishes,” the artist explains. “I’m interested in a world where machines and computers would continue to function even when humans suddenly disappear from the world, so that kind of atmosphere is also what I meant to express in the video.”

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