ART OPENING: Go Woon Choi, Paul Ivanushka, & Camey McGilvray at the TAG Gallery

by Chanel Peykar

The TAG Gallery, situated at Museum Row, is a member owned community noted in Los Angeles for launching the careers of emerging artists. On June 13th, TAG will be revealing a powerful new exhibit featuring Go Woon Choi’s Daldongne, Paul Ivanushka’s Carrizo Plain, and Camey McGilvray’s My Favorite Things, a merger of mediums that extols the mundane. 

LEMON COMPOSITION  01/15/2015  oil paint  24*30 inch   ©  go woon choi 

oil paint
24*30 inch
© go woon choi 

The artists combine their separate takes on every day objects and the meeting of beauty and purpose. Wood, metal, and rubber are wielded, both in a landscape photograph of the last days of the Carrizo Plain by Ivanushka and in a freestanding sculpture by contemporary sculptor Camey McGilvray. Elements like light, shadows, and natural aging play a role in turning the ordinary to a provocative visual experience — an experience that, altogether, serves as an inspiring reminder of the happy place between dream and reality.  

The exhibit will be on display at the TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd., June 13 - July 8.