SOUS LE SOLEIL: Inès Longevial's Sensual Art Exhibit Opening in Days

by Flaunt Intern

French artist Inès Longevial's art focuses on sensuality, human figures, and skin tone. It's now an exhibit opening in Los Angeles this Friday, October 20th. 

"Naturally, I was very attracted by the cliché and idealistic representation of the female body, like so many that are posted on Instagram," Inès Longevial. "However, I quickly realized that this would be a problem for me to draw female bodies modeled after the expectations and fantasies of our society. Today, I try to paint bodies differently. I like to emphasize forms of flesh that are forgotten: fingertips, cheekbones… It’s important to not cultivate only 'girly' culture when we talk about women, but on the contrary, to show that femininity can be unique.”

At only 26 years of age, Longevial has been a huge success and has a bright future still ahead. From her paintings and books, to her collaborations with huge companies like Nike and Levi's, she is making her name and art known.

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The exhibition, titled Sous Le Soluil, will be located at HVW8 in Los Angeles and will run from October 20th - November 25th. 

Written by Devin Hendricks