To See A Face Staring/Gazing/Gaping Right Back At You

by flaunt

The closing of Kristian Burford's solo exhibition at Samuel Freeman Gallery
Artist Kristian Burford deals in matters that hit closer to home than home can. His eerie sculptural works effortlessly twist and turn us around into the position of participant in the scene, whether we like it or not. Perhaps we enjoy this quandary, perhaps we like to explore the things that make us uncomfortable, perhaps we can't admit it, perhaps we wouldn't do so if it weren't asked of us. In fact, it isn't asked, it happens.

Flaunt visited the artist's studio over the course of the months leading up to his solo exhibition, Scenes, at Samuel Freeman Gallery in Culver City. On the occasion of tomorrow's closing of the show of three sculptural installations (the titular "scenes") accompanied by their respective bronze maquette predecessors, here we give you a preview of the documentation of the process, to be seen in full in Flaunt's Art Issue, releasing during this year's Art Basel Miami Beach.

Scenes at Samuel Freeman Gallery, Culver City closes tomorrow, October 24th. A conversation will be held between Kristian Burford and writer Jan Tumlir at 4pm.