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by flaunt

A Summer Camp Comic Curation by Friends of the Fold, IHEARTCOMIX


Robert Goodin divides his time between animation and comics.  He currently works on American Dad! on TBS and also just released his first all ages graphic novel, The Kurdles, through Fantagraphics.  If the page printed here strikes your fancy, please check out the book.


The world’s most famous cat is now a comic! Grumpy Cat and her more optimistic brother Pokey are the stars in their very first comic book series, “The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat (And Pokey!)” out this fall from Dynamite Entertainment.


Franki Chan is the owner of L.A.-based company, IHEARTCOMIX, a creative content, marketing, and event production agency on a mission to create their own cultural universe. While a man of many passions, comics have always been the first one (hence the name). Presented in these pages is a comic from his forthcoming book, his first in a decade.


Jesus Rivera splits his life into gory little psychotronic pieces; dabbling in filmmaking, video art, illustration and collage under the moniker ‘Demonbabies.’ He is currently in development on a comedy series.  His hobbies include bone salads, hieroglyphic hip-hop dance, pizza spelunking, voodoo tripping, dusting bunnies, and dominatrix mom shuffling.


Nick Gazin was born in Manhattan in 1983 and is currently best known as an artist and illustrator who works at Vice as their art editor, does the art for Run the Jewels and other musical acts and is part of the Mishka family. He currently lives in Greenpoint with his beloved cat, Banjo.