Flaunt's PicsArt Brushes Challenge | We Have a Winner!

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

We partnering with PicsArt on the launch of their new editing tool, Brushes, for a 7-day contest where fans could show their creativity by playing with the new Brushes (made of 100% FLAUNT image stickers) and have their work featured if winning a top 10 spot. And the winners are:

  1. @10161579861077272
  2. @queenlightrain
  3. @abouhanifahadjero
  4. @editsforall
  5. 5@bultaoreune17

The winner edit @10161579861077272

The winner edit @10161579861077272

Thanks for all you amazing submissions. If you haven't tried PicsArt yet, make sure to download it and stay tuned for the next time we play!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 1.55.15 PM.png