Cruises & Striptease & Eating & Wrestling Matches

by flaunt

Paris Photo 2015, Los Angeles
As Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell pointed out on the occasion of the commencement of Paris Photo 2015 (the fair's third installment on this side of the Atlantic), "There is great demand in Los Angeles for bold cultural experiences." And lo, as the sun bore down, and we were sent out to pound the plaster of Paramount Studios, it seemed that demand is practically bottomless, with crowds streaming in like thirsty zebras to a watering hole. Yes, there was champagne. And as the sun finally set on Los Angeles (disguised as New York in the lot of Paramount Studios [so meta]), we lost each other in the crowd yet stumbled upon previously unseen Guy Bourdins and about 78 other shows of current and historical work. We considered the line between fiction and reality, and decided that maybe, as things continue in a serious vein in this city, that perhaps that line doesn't exist.

Paris Photo 2015 will run through Sunday, May 3rd. More information can be found here.