LA Design Festival Opens Today

by flaunt

Centered around City Market South and ROW DTLA in LA’s fashion and art districts, the seventh annual L.A. Design Festival opens today and will run until June 11th, reminding everyone of Los Angeles' continued reign as a world leader in creative thinking.

The festival will include everything from watercolor workshops and pop up shops to showroom viewing parties, food, and yoga. Though the celebratory showcase has been condensed to only 4 days, it’s recognizing “fashion ahead of its time” with an award program that will honor even more creative minds this year than before.

This year’s theme is inspired by women in design, honoring multitalented graphic designer and ICON award recipient Louise Sandhaus. Sandhaus is known for her work as a designer and educator with a focus on making, teaching, writing and instigating. Her provocative work transcends multiple generations and highlights the L.A. Design Festival's continued effort to welcome diversity and push the boundaries, as seen in the huge Women’s March at the start of the year.

The themes of inclusion, feminism and creativity as an element of healing don't stop there. Among other featured creative producers, JIGSAW and verynice Women’s Design Salon for instance both emphasize “a new way to work for women who hustle.” In addition, events like PLUS²: Healing the City, Community Services Unlimited (CSU) Veggie Bus, and The Tripping Point incorporate ideas of environmental justice and green living.

The detailed festival schedule can be found here.

Written by Parker Wiggins Harrison
Photo courtesy LA Design Festival