Hard But Soft: A Look into Femininity Via Art

by Sonum Kahlon

On Friday night (Dec. 15), four women put on an art show--Hard But Soft--at Junior High in Hollywood. Having sorted out the details of their show via web communication, Heather Reese, Mo Johnson, Qigemu and Avery Wheless hadn't met until the installation. The show, created and ran completely by women, combined multiple mediums: paint, photography, sculpture and film. The concrete space contrasted with the pinks and purples present throughout the works.

An exceptional painter, Wheless created her series, Emotional Maps for a Physical Body, surrounding themes of "navigating through unknown territory." The pieces depict detailed figures using their bodies as their only reference point. Some more abstract than others, these pieces were the star of the exhibit.

Johnson's abstract sculptures relayed the title of the exhibit, Hard But Soft. By staying quiet about what her pieces represent, the viewer is pushed to make their own conclusions. My takeaway is that being a female requires both a hard and soft qualities. One has to balance this dichotomy with grace.

If you weren't able to check out the show, browse through some photos from the event above.