Artist Gustavo Prado Creates a stylish Playlist for Flaunt

by Amy Marie Slocum

Photo: Leandro Viana

Photo: Leandro Viana

Brazilian by birth, sculptor by trade, Gustavo Prado specializes in warping perception. Now residing in Brooklyn and known for his work using mirrors to rearrange space, Prado is bringing his signature style to this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

"[With] this playlist," Prado tells us, "I wanted to put the spotlight on new artists and bands. One phrase that captures my experience so far in the desert comes from 'Daydreaming' – the last song on the playlist – 'dreamers they never learn, beyond the point of no return (...) we are just happy to serve, you'"

For this year’s festival, Prado created a lighthouse out of thousands of rounded mirrors, each slightly deviating from the one preceding it. The highest point of the structure points south, towards Mexico, a conscious decision says the artist. “Being so close to the Mexican border, in a place filled with such history, I had to turn the highest point of the structure towards the border.” In times such as these, even the smallest details can be charged with meaning.

The work’s title, Lamp Beside the Golden Door, is taken directly from Emma Lazarus’ poem that adorns the Statue of Liberty. Having immigrated to the United States just six years ago, Prado’s work is a reflection of that move to chase the American dream. “I see it as the chance to renew a vow, a bond, a promise. I started to become aware that the opportunity to build such a project represented a lot of what I once dreamed I could achieve in America.” 

Written by Gregory McLellan