Gina Ruggeri at 101/EXHIBIT Gallery

by Keely Shinners

We spoke with the artist about her first solo exhibition in LA
On Saturday, June 4th, 101/EXHIBIT Gallery on Melrose presented the first Los Angeles solo exhibition of New York-based artist Gina Ruggeri.

Gina Ruggeri garnered acclaim throughout the 2000s for her naturalist, illusionistic mylar cutout work. Since then, however, Ruggeri has wiped the proverbial artist’s slate clean. The new paintings in her exhibition carry the organic intonations of her previous work, but with all the peculiar, primordial bubbling that comes from the artist’s tabula rasa. This sense of rebirth is burgeoning in her paintings. They are amoebas pooling in hot sulfur beds at the beginning of the earth; they are nebulous galactic clouds left over from the Big Bang. If anything, they carry with them the depth and breadth of the relationship between the artist and the canvas, with all the oozing, pooling, and splashing of experimentation in between.

In tandem with the new beginnings resonant in the work, this show marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, a city brimming with new and renascent artistic verve and opportunity.

The exhibition will run through July 30th at the 101/EXHIBIT West Hollywood space, located at 8920 Melrose Ave.