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A heady new show at SADE LA, curated by Ariana Papademetropolous

We can always rely on our friends over at SADE LA to carry the torch of art forward. Working from their scrappy gallery space sprouting like a resilient dandelion out of a particularly industrial patch of East Los Angeles, they’ve been expanding the horizons of the field and consistently blowing minds by showing the most avant-garde and groundbreaking work from day one. So, you know we’ll be turning up to see their latest: a densely theoretical yet visually beguiling exhibition by a few of L.A.’s most prolific young art luminaries titled “Revenge of the Crystal” (it’s a reference to Baudrillard, natch) and curated by artist Ariana Papademetropoulos (we featured her gorgeous work last year), who will also be assembling performances and events to take place over the exhibition’s run.

We asked Ariana a few questions about the show to help us get in the right mindset:

Why A Cave?

Originally I wanted the Cave to tell a story. Someone who left society- or simply went to the beach one day, stumbled upon a cave and moved in. Its a domesticated space with carpeting, house plants, a blow dryer… etc. As I’m Inhabiting the cave now- I’m beginning to further understand it. My desire for nature and my desire for fabricated nature have intertwined. The cave has both fake rocks and real rocks, plastic plants and alive plants. There is no difference between the two realms of reality as in the cave you are consumed by it.

Whats your favorite part of the show?

There’s an aquarium lodged into the wall of the cave with curtains on it which makes me very happy. Curatorially, I’m a huge fan of all the work in the show. What comes to mind first is the Wallace Berman rock, and Allison Schulnik’s painting “Gnomes”.

How did you come up with the title of the show?

Revenge of the Crystal is the name of a book by Baudrillard that my friend showed to me. While its a post modernist philosophy book- it also sounds like a Sci Fi novel. That sentiment is perfect for the show. I also like the idea of art objects holding power or mystery the same way that an amulet or crystal would.

Contributors include:

Wallace Berman
Anna Betbeze
Llyn Foulkes
Sayre Gomez
Douglas Gordon / Dave Allen
George Herms
Grupo Anan
Lucile Littot
Ariana Papademetropoulos
Allison Schulnik
Henry Taylor
Jason Yates
Zumi and Cole

Opening reception takes place on Thursday, January 19, 2017 from 7–11pm, and be on view at SADE, 204 South Avenue 19, Los Angeles, CA, 90031, from January 19, until February 14, 2017. Gallery hours are 1-6pm Tuesday – Saturday, and by appointment.

Written by Sid Feddema
Photographed by Abigail Briley Bean