You Could End up Dead, End up Extorted, or Simply Lose the Sensation

by flaunt

Summer Camp Survival Tips, as Culled From the Flaunt Logbook


How to cope with cell phone separation anxiety

Fig. 26a., b. (Chap. 17, Section 3)


How to camouflage an erection before lunch ends in the dining hall

Fig. 124a. (Chap. 91, Section 4)


(Clockwise from top left) How to conceal your identity when flying coach

Fig. 9b. (Chap. 5, Section 7)

How to turn your sculpted garden hedge into a fence to discourage the proletariat

Fig. 83c. (Chap. 75, Section 4)

What to do when your nemesis is drowning in front of you

Fig. 17a. (Chap. 11, Section 20)


(Clockwise from top left) How to turn an alligator into a charming piece of spring apparel

Fig. 224a. (Chap. 259, Section 6)

How to heal your campmates broken leg with only a crystal and sage

Fig. 173a., b. (Chap 190., Section 7)