All Better

by flaunt

Hangin w photographer Danny Lane and Kimbra in NYC
This was my fourth or fifth time shooting with Kimbra. We’ve only ever shot at her apartment, so this was nothing new for us.

Kimbra is really great at being natural on camera. She is a talented self-portrait photographer. Maybe this has something to do with it.

I would put my eye to my viewfinder to find the same Kimbra I was just chatting with. That's my favorite way to shoot. For me, shooting is best when it's social and Kimbra is great to hang out with.

She was just getting over a cold. She had a bandaid on from a shot the doctor gave her. I liked the bandaid so she kept it on. Kimbra has endless clothing options, but we both enjoy nude photos and we mostly ignored them. It was a relatively quick, casual, fun shoot.

— Danny Lane

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Photography: Danny Lane for

Model: Kimbra