The Amazing Self-Repairing Technique

by flaunt

To Hide To Show at MAMA gallery Closing Reception tomorrow from 3 to 6 pm
Amongst a stand of exposed brick former factory buildings in the Los Angeles Arts District, along a quiet stretch of Palmetto, lies the all-white MAMA Gallery. Starting just last year, co-founders Adarsha Benjamin and Eli Consilvio have built a curation that is at once highly legitimate and utterly cool. The summer show closing tomorrow "To Hide To Show," is a group exhibition derived from a contemporary French social anthropological study entitled Montrer / Occulter. "The concept of hiding and showing lends itself as a true analysis of the assembling and dissection of the human psyche, in a constant battle between order and sabotage, between how we present our true self to the world and how we feel about inner self – the dark ghost that is always haunting from within." (Autre)

The seven artists chosen each interpret the theme in very different ways, here a white picket fence, there a mirrored corner obscurred by graffiti; but the most arresting of the images is a series by Zoe Crosher entitled "The Additive Dust Series (GUAM 1979) from The Disappearance of Michelle duBois," (2012), which, depending on which way you walk around the gallery space, will either reveal or obscure an image of a woman in a hotel room posing for glamour photos in what turns out to be Guam.

In a recent interview with Autre--MAMA co-founder Adarsha Benjamin's other co-founded project--Zoe Crosher states, "I’m tending towards a more expanded field of photography that I am terming the IMAGIATIC--concerned with the imaginary, the image, etc. The medium itself doesn’t matter, it’s almost a conceptual conceit. Thus I’m engaged now in sculpture (natural bronze), fools gold dust, desserts, billboards, compositions, publications, and still of course images as photographs, anything that engages with the imaginary of Los Angeles. For it is not the medium that determines the message, it’s the imaginary that does."

Catch the exhibition's last day tomorrow from 3-6 PM when MAMA Gallery will be open for a closing night party.

1242 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013