Obscene City 133

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Obscene City 133 Wowza. The last time we appeared in court we had crystal clear recall of what brought us here: Crystal. This time, though? A string of misdemeanors and felonies, not so on memorable hand, listed one-by-one to correspond with our latest nightlife fightlife. DISORDERLY CONDUCT: a bop down to the Skybar Mondrian West Hollywood to toast Wildfox’s Spring ‛14 Collection saw us dogpiled by scores of scantily-clad fashionistas. Take a guess! Then, ARMED ROBBERY of Diane von Furstenberg’s Journey of a Dress retrospective exhibition at the historic May Co. department store as inspiration for our forthcoming Women’s Spring Fashion Issue. Oh DVF. MURDER convicted we were of exhibitionist impulses for “Affordable Care,” our group show at Mana Wynwood in Miami during the Art Basel hullabaloo, with performance pieces from The Care Issue cover artists Vanessa Beecroft and Robert Montgomery, alongside works from Yung Jake, Melanie Pullen, David LaChapelle, Ben Jones, and others. EXILE…To Morocco! Where we canoodled and couscous-oodled with the Scorsese and Noomi Rapace, amongst others, for the 13th annual Marrakesh International Film Festival. Back to L.A. for some PUBLIC DRUNK-ENNESS following our taste of Bordeaux experience at L.A.’s Providence with the visiting Frenchies. DESECRATIN’ OF THE FLAG in an act of solidarity with the Swedes, following the Acne flagship opening in good ol’ piss-stinking DTLA, where the bulk of the Flaunt editorial staff call home. As such, we’re sleeping with all the area judges, forever free, forever young. Photography: © Marrakesh International Film Festival, Wireimage.Com, And Mark Hunter At Thecobrasnake.Com.