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12 July 2013

Flaunt and David Lynch Celebrate Shared Releases

An Experience in Sound for "The Big Dream"

The eerie world of Mr. David Lynch curled up fireside with Flaunt at mmhmmm at The Standard, Hollywood  last night.

Deep within the den of iniquity, both respective pillars of style celebrated the shared release of their latest creative endeavors: Flaunt‘s The Context Issue and Mr. Lynch’s The Big Dream.

Guests were treated to a listening experience of Lynch’s newest album in full, which releases next week. This was then met with a surprise DJ set from Context Issue cover kid, Nicolas Jaar. In other words, shit got weird. And while we may not have transformed completely into the deformed baby from Eraserhead, or the sadomasochist Frank Booth of Blue Velvet, but basking in Lynch’s sonic renderings and the following display from Jaar was a close approximation.

Cool needs it breaks, though. Thus, cool breezes offered guests outdoor patio reprieve and our Context Issue cover luminaries—a gold and glittery Beyoncé, a cuddly Kid Cudi, a magnetic Nick Cave, and dapper Kendrik Lamar—were projected via the power of Dell up and over the palms and onto the hotel wall.

Dancing ensued, complemented by libations via Peligroso Tequila and Moreno BHLV, while some guests could be seen pulling a MacLachlan and recording their innermost thoughts and feelings on tape cassettes. Or perhaps they were just channeling Felicity.

At night’s end, we left the Lynchian bubble that had enveloped our every being, and drifted into the night, the sound of song birds and air raids reverberating in our ears. Speaking of air raids, Flaunt and David Lynch provide a recipe for a song in our latest issue, and Mr. Lynch created a video to compliment the deed. Check out “The Vastness of the Small Corral,” and sing us a song, friends.

Written by Flaunt Staff

Photographed by Brent Weber