XXXTENTACION Releases Debut Studio Album 17, for 'the Depressed Ones'

by Flaunt Intern

Image via Empire, Jerry Carnation 

Image via Empire, Jerry Carnation 

XXXTENTACION delivers, as he drops his long anticipated album titled 17  today (August 25). The artist has been dropping hints all over social media and even released two singles earlier this month—claiming to be similar to the vibe of the album—leading up to the release of his debut studio set. 

X’s believes the 10-track effort is his best work yet. “It’s my first body of work, first official album release, and the first time I’ve put my all into a project," he wrote on Instagram. "I mean it when I say this project is absolutely amazing.” The work of XXXTENTACION has been under constant controversy considering all the recent commotions published all over social media, but with the release of 17, fans are able to familiarize themselves with the artist on a more intimate level.

X intrigues his listeners with the first track on his album, “The Explanation” introduces his album with a message to his fans saying, “You are literally, and I cannot stress this enough literally entering my mind. And if you are not willing enough to accept my emotion, and my words fully, do not listen.”

With an intro like that, most listeners will fully understand the level of emotion put into his latest project. “This one is for the depression. For the depressed ones, for the lost ones,” says XXXTENTATCION, who consistently relates to those battling sadness, anxiety, and angst. Check out X’s new album 17 below.

Written by Alex Ceballos