Smooth Lines: If It Could Only Be Like This Always Except For Sometimes When We Want Something Else

by flaunt

'My Burberry' by Burberry

Today: lingering, with top-notes of sweet pea and geranium, rain in the afternoon, a promise of bergamot, fresh linen, and golden quince later on. I plunge into the fog, and chase west on some boulevard or other, on the scent of the exotic, or maybe I really mean home, or maybe I mean patchouli - in any event, some celebratory place to raise a glass and while away the dusk by the hearth - but I realize, as the fog parts, that I am slamming into a coiffed stranger's linen-clad arms and I've gone and made a wrong turn and I'm no longer sure of where I am or what I want, and all I can perceive - but this through every avenue - is stupidly heavy damascus rose, soft and dense, like a sandbag to the back of the head.