This is the One Song Everyone Would Like to Learn

by flaunt

by Au Matt and Benji WZW
Pale Heart, Floating Spit

Any dystopia may well be another’s lived present. Au Matt’s Siren Song reimagines the merciless creatures in Greek Mythology and teleports them to the streets in WZW’s latest “Pale Heart, Floating Spit” collection. As Robert Ashley’s heartbreaking intimacy shifts to the chaotic rap vocals of Aristophanes, the three Sirens reveal their true identity, at once saccharine and toxic. Au Matt and WZW create a dialogue on empowered female subjectivity and teenage angst in a filmic riposte on the male gaze.

Text written by Alvin.

Models: Maddie Kulicka and Hania Koczewska for, Eva Lebeuf for, and Natan for

Director of photography: Kajetan Plis

Editor: Mac Boucher

Grading: Piotr Sasim for

Soundtrack: Aristophanes "I Am Not a Metaphor" // Robert Ashley "LOVE LETTER, PT.1" Produced by Graye

Camera Assistants: Ksawery Zylber and Przemysław Jekosz

Styling: Basia Polanska

Makeup: Marianna Yurkiewicz

Hair: Emil Zed

Producer: Alina Sikora at STUDIO AU MATT for BENJI WZW