by flaunt

Part of our emerging designer feature from the Oh La La Land Issue

In 1931 Jan Nehera opened his first storefront in Prague, with an innovative business strategy that advertised itself as taking fashion from the manufacturer straight to the consumer. The Nehera atelier flourished into a powerhouse with over 130 storefronts in pre-WWII Europe, setting fashion trends in cities as far as Vienna, and Paris, before that terrible conflict banished the label into obscurity. In 2013, Nehera was revived under the guidance of French Creative Director Samuel Drira, who devised a new label and design language from scratch. Drira, who was known for founding, editing, and fashion directing the magazine Encens, and as a creative consultant for brands like Hermès, Hugo Boss, and Christoph Lemaire, spoke to us about his life and work.

What first attracted you to design?

The possibility of reinventing myself through clothes.

Reincarnation is…

An attempt to solve what we call fate.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Gardening or exactly where I am now.

Do you think of your work as art or craftsmanship? 

A combination of both. You can spend six months working on a sleeve, but if you are not able to move your arm in it, it doesn’t work.

Favorite thing from L.A.?

The Chateau Marmont. I see the shadow of Helmut Newton everywhere.