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Part of our emerging designer feature from the Oh La La Land Issue

Founded by designer Christelle Kocher in Paris in 2014, Koché bonds urban casual with Haute Couture subversion and craftsmanship. An innovative designer to watch, of her label’s first runway show—Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear—Vogue wrote: “It’s too early to tell whether Kocher is trying to degrade flashy or elevate trashy. Likely both.”

What type of beauty are you most drawn to?

Not one type, I’m sensitive to every expression of beauty, in fashion, in art, and in life

How does your aesthetic reflect your personality? 

It’s all linked but I would say there’s something bold with strong character in both.

Where’s your favorite place to be inspired?

Naoshima, a small island in Japan. It’s full of sublime museums and art pieces in the middle of wild nature.

Favorite thing from L.A.?

I love a 1000 things in L.A. but let’s say: sunset, watching the ocean with the city behind you, feeling those two giants and being in the middle.