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Dior continues their legacy of collaboration with a new spin on their signature bag.

Upon it’s debut in 1995—competing directly with the Hermès Kelly bag and Chanel’s quilted bag—the Lady Dior bag became an enormous success. Gaining an early fan in Princess Diana, the royal’s charm and sophistication were mirrored in the chicness and simplicity of the bag, which was renamed in her honor when she suffered a fatal accident in 1997.

Recently, Lady Dior has undergone a makeover. The Couture powerhouse announced this past week a limited edition collection of the bag, featuring the works of seven talented artists: Chris Martin, Daniel Gordon, Ian Davenport, Jason Martin, Marc Quinn, Mat Collishaw, and Matthew Porter. Each bag is carefully crafted with memorable prints from these contemporary artists’ collections. Only 100 reproductions of each style are to be made, establishing these pieces as quite the rarity and a source of envy amongst the world’s elite. The bags are truly unique art pieces to collect, with exquisite designs including a frog print from Chris Martin, a blue iris print by Marc Quinn and even a flying car piece from photographer Matthew Porter. It’s amazing how seamlessly these images, created from a range of media including oil paints and Photoshop, can translate onto this classic canvas.

While most of the bags range between four and six thousand, be sure to save for the geo-printed black-and-white mink Daniel Gordon bag, which will run you about $11K. While most follow the official Lady Dior bag with top-handle, wallet-size and keychain versions are also available. Each one features the signature metallic charms which spell out “Dior.” Officially launching on November 29th at Art Basel in Miami, you can peruse this exclusive collection of Lady Dior bags from December through March at a pop-up boutique in Los Angeles. Continuations of the pop-up will soon follow in the major cities of Korea, London, China, Dubai, and Paris.

Written by Olivia Jakli

Images courtesy Dior