I just want to be held and understood but maybe my language is from the future

by flaunt

Two Glasgow School of Art's Master of Design Fashion & Textiles Graduates present their collections, on the eve of the annual Promenade

Xinyue Zhang 

"My collection is about combining numerous texture and colours by using different embroidery techniques and textiles. My inspirations mostly come from contemporary art, patterns and photographs. However, I cannot define my garments only based on my inspirations because what I always want to do is to combine different textures and colours based on my individual identity. So this collection shows my personal interests as well.

The silhouettes are oversized and free cut such as wide-legged trousers, wrap skirts, and big scarves. Even though this is a fall/winter collection, I’ve also used see-through fabric in order to show multiple textures in different looks, and I’ve worked with lots of faux fur, mohair, wool and a little bit of leather. Some of the garments feature beads on fabric, showcasing one my specialties: embroidery."

Yifei Liu 

"The concept behind my collection is “time”. I’ve used three elements to express this concept.

The first one is decay: I buried some fabrics and garments under soil so they could communicate with nature, and after some days, the resulting fabrics and garments could express “time”.

The second one is "shelf life": I watched a film called Chungking Express. It is about love story in which the hero thought love is like the inside of the supermarket with a shelf life. I was very moved by a line of this film - “The password is love you for 1000 years." It really inspired me so I decided to do some research about shell life in supermarkets. I’ve use flocking and embroidery to create some text work in my collection representing shelf life.

The last element is germiculture:I conducted different experiment on cultures of bacteria. Bacteria, like all expired or dead things, or any other kind of living form can be associated to the concept of “time”. I used felt in my final collection to represent the texture of bacteria."

Photographer: Igor Termenon at IgorTermenon.com

Makeup: Shaun Lavender at ShaunLavender.com

Model: Meg Johannessen for ColoursAgency.com, Glasgow