Swedish brand COS takes a cue from minimalist American Painter Agnes Martin for a new capsule collection

by Jasmine Ashoori


Swedish brand COS takes a cue from minimalist American Painter Agnes Martin for a new capsule collection

Offered in conjunction with a COS-sponsored exhibition of the artist's work at the Guggenheim Museum

With a minimalistic aesthetic of balance and beauty in geometric composition, distinguished twentieth century painter Agnes Martin has inspired countless artists with her meditative oeuvre.

This fall, COS design team is fully embracing the organic, serene style of Martin through a highly-anticipated 12-piece capsule collection which was produced in conjunction with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The limited-edition run for both men and women will launch October 7 and will be available until January 11, 2017. A celebration of the “incredible richness and tactility” underscored in Martin’s work, the one-of-a-kind set of prints showcased in the collected include a fusion of minimalism and abstract expressionism to create a simple, yet singular style. COS Creative Director Karin Gustafsson imparts, “The opportunity to create this collection whilst exploring the subtle reinvention of classic silhouettes has been fantastic. The minimal pieces created form an effortless, artistic capsule offering.”

Martin’s body of work is built on representations of “beauty, innocence, and happiness.” Along with sponsoring the ‘Agnes Martin exhibition’ at the museum, each individual print in the collection references a specific piece of Martin’s work, COS’s collection evokes this aesthetic experience through exceptionally soft cashmere knits, loose-fitting ensembles, and a unisex t-shirt with a rare bamboo stitch.

A percentage of the proceeds are directed to the Agnes Martin Foundation, an organization who aspires to locate Martin’s works that reside with private collectors and purchase them back. The objective of the organization is to have these works donated to public galleries where her hallmark “use of subtle colour and dedication to technique and style” will continue to inspire artists and practitioners across the globe.

Following the launch, the collection will be made available in the Beverly Drive location, as well as on their website.