Weekend Recall: Kailee Mann and Avery Ginsberg

by flaunt

Kailee Mann and Avery Ginsberg are two YouTube turned fashion designers with a love for diverse cultures and immersive experiences. The couple has been active in the online community for years and more recently started a clothing line, STAATSBALLETT. After recently graduating from college, the two set out on a European adventure to find a new home base for the brand. While their first collection was based out of New York, they hope to find a new home in a new city to immerse themselves in a foreign lifestyle.

The duo hopes to create clothing that is worthwhile; something to last in our increasingly temporary world. And maybe even outlast them. While searching for a permanent location in cities like Copenhagen, Berlin, Antwerp, Paris, Bucharest, Warsaw, and now, Omiš, their next project for STAATSBALLETT will be an SS19 campaign.

We asked Kailee and Avery to take us along on their weekend journey in Omiš, Croatia:


Morning swim. Found ourselves spending the first half of our day at the beach and the rest at work. Also, we’ve been enjoying taking a break by experimenting w/ our cooking!

Avery broke his backlight just before leaving this trip! We almost always use Airbnb but this time its “an Airbnb w/ an HDMI-able screen.” Urging him to get it fixed in London next week ;)


Our balcony’s view. Every one of our meals is eaten out here; that’s just another reason to save money and cook at home!



Pale kids get a tan for the first time!!


Our fridge froze my beach snack :(

After leaving my book at our last spot- and now that Kailee has read Touching from a Distance twice, it’s my turn!

Getting closer to our next body of work for STAATSBALLETT.



We’re addicted to muesli.

Hike along the Cetina River.


Old town. Always always have our notebooks.


Croatia and the World Cup.

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Written by Morgan Vickery