Weekend Recall: gnash

by flaunt

Atlantic artist, Garrett Charles Nash (otherwise known as gnash), is an LA-based singer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ. In his early years, gnash started out on SoundCloud to find his voice and audience, which paved the way for his success in the music realm. While he's most famous for "i hate u, i love u," the alternative artist recently released his new track, "imagine if" this past June. 

Nash headed off to leg 1 of his tour, the summer ever after, with early 2000 bands All Time Low and Dashboard Confessional this past weekend. Gnash took us along on tour for his first three days:


St. Paul, MN

we flew into minneapolis to start tour with all time low & dashboard confessional on thursday, so this was taken early friday morning. we were on a speakeasy crawl through downtown for my assistant ethan’s birthday & this gigantic hot dog was parked in a culdesac google maps had us cut through. it was hilarious. #bde


when we go out to shoot photos, we always try to find beauty in the imperfections. none of us are perfect, but if shot right - things like rust, weeds, & bad paint jobs can actually look super awesome. this was on a loading ramp in minneapolis near the venue. it was back & forth between rain & thunder to 85 degree weather all day, so that explains the sweatsuit x rain poncho fit i chose here.


i’m more sad about toys “r” us closing than i have been about any business ever. it brought so much joy to kids everywhere & was super important in my childhood. i found one working cart in a bunch marked “damaged beyond repair” & this one just said “thank you”. i thought that was nice. also, all the stores signs still light up at night & that was beautiful.


Kansas City, MO


yup after a long hiatus, the nintendo switch has gotten me back into video games. it’s too easy. for better or for worse, there’s no excuse to put down mario kart. i need my 3 stars!! this was right outside the bus parking lot in kansas city on a pretty but abandoned couch. we got fire bbq that night, went on a walk, & i took a night in to read this murakami book i got. i do a lot of sitting down.


Indianapolis, IN

i always laugh when people always ask how i got the name gnash & i say it’s because my name is garrett nash. i like watching them realize they could have googled for that. but a lesser known fact is i own a massive metal detector company. just kidding. i don’t. please don’t put that on my wikipedia page. p.s. before every show i drink a throat coat tea with ginger, honey, an emergen-c, & lemon. it makes me feel cozy.


we just played night 3 last night in indianapolis & this tour is awesome. so many new faces come up after the shows, give me hugs, & say hello! i just wanna help people feel better, & i know every interview, every show, every day, & every moment is an opportunity for me to do that. if we feel together then we’ll feel better. if ur reading this ilusm! - g </3 :):

Keep an eye out to here new music from gnash this Friday.

To see more about gnash click here.

Written by Morgan Vickery

Photographed by Casen Ruiz