WEEKEND RECALL | Models Janaina Reis, Kristyna Schickova, Linda Nyvltova, and Frances Florence Talk Coachella

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Coachella Weekend first of two just wrapped. As always, it was all music, barely there outfits, pool parties and more. If you didn't make it to the desert, live through the following models' experiences. Linda Nyvltova, Janaina Reis, Kristyna Schickova, and Frances Florence share their best moments from this festival weekend.

FRANCES FLORENCE @francesflorencetomei

My favorite part about Coachella was seeing Eminem perform “Lose Yourself” during his encore. I was waiting for that song and I knew that it was going to be at the end. When the piano man started playing the melody, my body started shaking and I actually started crying. It was such an intense moment because I was so present, remembering when my dad and I would play that song every morning on the way to elementary school. Everybody was going crazy and I just felt happy to be living in the present moment.

Kristyna Schickova @kristynaschickova

I had so much fun this year. I went with a big group of friends. The highlight of Coachella was definitely Beyonce's performance. And the Neon Carnival is a must attend party!

Janaina Reis @janaarc

Coachella was so much fun, I love festivals and Coachella is one of my favorite ones. I love the art, the food at the festival and the Ferris wheel. And also how it brings you close to yours friends. It’s easier to connect with friends since you have to stick together and care for each other. The Revolve festival was awesome, too. They had amazing food and every little detail was perfect from the pink box of pizza to all the nice spots for photos. It was incredible. I can’t wait until next year! 

Linda Nyvltova @lindanyvltova

I love going to the desert this time of the year. I get to see so many of my friends, who fly from all around the world! I had a lot of fun at the Jeremy Scott & Moschino party. During the daytime I just relaxed by the pool at Ace Hotel.

produced by Linda Nyvltova