Marvel Releases Official Venom Trailer and the Internet is Not Convinced

by Brad Wete

There are a lot of mixed feelings buzzing around the release of Marvel’s official Venom trailer. Tom Hardy is casted to play Eddie Brock, the host of the soon-to-be first Symbiote entity on Earth, whom calls himself Venom. Directed by Ruben Fleisher (the Gangster Squad and Zombieland director) is taking the proverbial bull by horns on his first Marvel film, out October 5, 2018.

Different from yesterday’s Deadpool 2 trailer release, the Venom trailer doesn’t show much of the actual supervillain/anti-hero, but it gives enough clues for the audience without spilling so much as a drop of tea. We have scientists, Tom Hardy under an MRI scan, exploding vans, and a moment where we see the container holding the alien goop that will undoubtedly be the core source of mayhem. But here’s the conundrum: no Spider-Man. Which is funny considering that the first host the Symbiote claimed in comic lore was non-other than Peter Parker.

So, what can we expect from this stand-alone origin film? We can trust that the Marvel franchise will, like always, weave the storyline into a much bigger picture (and maybe, fingers crossed, see a bit of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after the end credits).  One thing is for certain: there is sure to be a lot of attention surrounding the film. Grab your bucket of popcorn, boys and girls; This will be entertaining.

Written by Leslie Gonzalez