Twin Peaks' Drone Noises Now an Album: Listen Here

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Films by David Lynch have one consistent quality: they make you feel like you’re stuck in a nightmare. In each film within Lynch's oeuvre, the first watch gives you the unsettling feeling that something’s not quite right. In Mulholland Drive, the nonlinear style gave way to an ending that turned the initial plot in on itself, while Inland Empire cuts to anthropomorphic rabbits that live in a reality that resembles a TV sitcom. Twin Peaks has a drone soundtrack complete with undulating electrical noises and wind loops to establish the show’s trademark atmosphere.

If you didn’t get enough of these nightmarish sounds before, Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△, compiles sound designer Dean Hurley’s work thus far on Twin Peaks: The Return into one 40-minute album. Hurley has worked with Lynch previously as music supervisor for Inland Empire, when he first established himself as a composer who knows how to make music to match Lynch’s haunting stories. Fans of noise and drone music know him well.

You can stream the compilation on Spotify here and buy it for $5 at Bandcamp.

Written by: Brianna Di Monda