Track Debut: Blake Hazard's "Oh Anatolia", remixed by White Sea (Morgan Kibby of M83)

by Sid Feddema

Blake Hazard is the quintessentially rootless musician, a true citizen of the world. She was born in Vermont, then moved to Boston to pursue a career as a solo-musician where she met her soon-to-be-bandmate John Dragonetti and formed "The Submarines". Next came a journey to Europe before finally landing on the West Coast. All the while Hazard continued making beautiful music. Her latest excursion was to Turkey in the midst of increasing civic unrest, where she wrote "Oh Anatolia", and, in true cosmopolitan fashion offered it up to the world to be remixed, sampled, and rearranged. Perhaps the loveliest of the remixes that resulted is the "White Sea Remix" by Morgan Kibby of M83. Blake tells us about the process and the story behind the track, and you can take a listen below:

“Oh Anatolia was written all at once, when my nostalgia for the time I had spent living in Istanbul was intense. In a way, I had gone to Istanbul to escape the sadness of a breakup, to explore a new love, and when I left I found myself in the same emotional place but with new romantic ghosts. The city is so beautiful, so darkly romantic and full of life — full of history, and also an incredible energy for the new. When I moved there, the first wave of recent protests had been quieted by the government and a sense of struggle was palpable in the streets. We are fighting for so many of the same things in the States now. Both the love story and the cultural story feel shared between the two places. Writing the song was cathartic in helping me let go of the romantic loss. Every time I sing it, I think of the stars over the Agean and the fog over the Bosporous, and I smile."

“This is the third in the series of singles and remixes I’m releasing this Spring. I immediately thought of Morgan for Oh Anatolia, not only because I listened to her last record a lot when I lived in Istanbul (the setting for the song, about living on the Anatolian side of the city), but because I adore her sensibilities. The remix is so cinematic and lush, I feel like she made a film of the song and then turned the movie back into music. I knew she would bring something beautiful and unexpected to the song, and that she wouldn’t shy away from the darker aspects of it. When we discussed the remix I just said I would want for her to work freely, so, this is really her vision in the remix."

Blake Hazard will be headlining a show at the Resident in Los Angeles June 2nd.