"The Dream Factory" Documentary Takes Us Inside Fender's Custom Shop, "Nirvana for Guitar Lovers"

by Clayton Webster

Since its beginnings in '87, the Fender Custom Shop has been a whirlwind of creative energy, concentrating the best minds and hands in the guitar-building game. It was representational of an ideology that the Fender brand wanted to reclaim at the time of its founding, after the brand was bought back into the family following years of corporate ownership: peerless construction and materials blended with wild creative experimentation. The work and craftmanship that came out of that environment is often credited with bringing the soul back to Fender guitars, and soon they were receiving more orders than they could fill from the likes of Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, The Stones, Jimmy Page, and Bob Dylan.

"The Dream Factory", a gorgeous new short documentary directed by Ross Haines, takes us into the story of the mythic shop with never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with the founding master builders. It's a window into a world that continues to shape the legacy of rock n' roll, showing that the masters behind the music weren't only found on the stage.

Director: Ross Haines
Creative Director: Nate Morley
Executive Producer: Kelly Magrath
Director of Photography: Chris Zamoscianyk
Cinematography: David Warshauer, Max Ritter, Mark Bame
AC: Ryan Zarate, Corey Sorensen
Editor: Andrew Litten
DIT: Sean Huntley
Sound Mix: Dan Hart (Shindig)
Score: Primary Colors
Production: Summerjax
Post Production: A-Frames Creative