Terri Terri Premieres Single 'Sleepwalking'

by Kara Powell


No genre or label can contain the force of Mark Noseworthy and his one (only occasionally two) man band with two names, Terri Terri. Produced under his own Temper Records, his self-titled album to be released on February 6, is a fluid exploration of personal politics in response to deeply troubling times. 

In the newly released track, "Sleep Walking," Noseworthy proves that it's impossible to fold his bars of deep strumming and hypnotic humming neatly into a genre package, though introductory snares give off alt-rock meets indie rock vibes. Light keyboard sounds off an illusion of feeling around in the dark - what Noseworthy describes as "the feeling that there is nothing that can be done to overcome their surroundings."  Then there’s the counter of fearless percussion that provides clarity at the end of the cathartic process, like “walking through life like a zombie until the body heals itself.” In the intricate instrumentals, he points us in the direction of a squeegee. We could all benefit by cleaning our rearview mirrors. “We are able to see things more clearly in hindsight.” 

His intention to represent a year of frustrating political malarkey can also be heard in tracks "Attention" and "Love Inside The Mind."

"A lot of people I know have been experiencing this over the past year," he tells Flaunt. "I think it is important to be aware of ourselves in these states no matter how subtle they are."

A formerly Brooklyn-based Noseworthy informs us that he has big plans to set up shop in sprawling East LA, where there's room for his mind to race. "It will be great to have more space here than I did in Brooklyn.  After I release the album, I will be starting to work on more projects out of that studio.” Provided with local access now to Terri Terri, Angelenos can look forward to an introspective listening party experience at a nearby venue. 

Written by Kara Powell