Ssheena at H. Lorenzo

by Sid Feddema

"Sheena is/a punk rocker/Shee-eena is/A punk rocker..." Last night punks of all stripes filled H. Lorenzo in West Hollywood to celebrate the release of the bold and elegant SSHEENA collection by Sabrina Mandelli, named for the eponymous Ramones song.

The brand straddles the worlds of art and fashion, and has already received acclaim in Italy where it was the recipient of a TIME AWARD – a brand accelerator project aimed to give visibility and business outlets to young contemporary fashion companies supported by WHITE Milano, one of the most important tradeshows for women's collections and a global leader in scouting up-and-coming talent for the fashion world. 

Pushing the boundaries between art and fashion, SSHEENA unites an aesthetic mood shaped by the darker era of Expressionism, the vibrant lines of Futurism, and daring pop inspirations. Each collection is essential, praises originality and repudiates any limit but the pureness of a clean-cut. Having conquered hearts and minds in her home country, Sabrina took SSHEENA stateside where the fashion-forward were treated to a glimpse of the next big thing in forward-thinking women's fashion.

Svedka supplied tasty vodka treats, Kim Crawford offered a magnificent range of their excellent chardonnay and rosé, while the beers were no less than delicious Peroni Nastro Azzurro. To the popping tunes of Will Calcutt and Heidi, we unravelled an evening that put the fine in refined. 

Video Director: Stephen Williams
D.P.: Joshua David P
Producers: Stori and Tyson Suzuki