Rhude x Maxfield

by Flaunt Magazine


Rhuigi Villasenor was only a teen, part of a crew of hedonistic club kids from the Valley, when I first met him in the late 2000s. With time as this creative group of trouble makers ventured into music and fine art he too taped into his creativity launching his line Rhude. With a well received collection of broken in denim, t-shirts and sweats, he became one of the more entrepreneurial of his contemporaries. His next venture is a highly coveted pop up at Maxfield. We caught him mid construction to see whats up. 


How did this pop up with maxfield get started?
Wanted to have a space to capture the moment we’re having right but really a destination to set the tone for what a RHUDE pop or store would look like. Bring the community together and I feel that there’s this strong energy coming from LA and my colleagues—- being the youngest i wanted to be the glue to that.

How are you curating the space?
Clothes are kind of like drugs and let’s just say we’re playing along that theme. Showing furniture fine art but most importantly  focusing on clothes

What aesthetic voice are you moving towards?
Midwest chic. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about what luxury is to kids now and I’m tryna define that but also using my sort of rugged vintage aesthetic .

What is your next move?
Footwear. And adding other divisions that make sense to our message and who our audience is.

Who else are you collabing  with? 
Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Some exciting things.


Rhude at Maxfield is open from July 12-July 22, 2018

Written by BJ Panda Bear