Kyp Malone Brings Grey Gersten’s “The Planet is Doomed” to psychedelic Life with Animated Video

by Kylie Obermeier

As the great barrier reef dies in front of our faces and our democracy becomes a twisted joke, often the end feels legitimately near. Confronted with the overwhelming fucked up-ness of the world, what are we to do?

Brooklyn-based experimental pop musician Grey Gersten knows that, sometimes, the best way to deal with our hateful reality is to quite literally... embrace love. “The Planet is Doomed” finds Gersten throwing out lyrics like “the planet is doomed/let’s get a room” over loosey goosey guitar noodling and laidback drums. Kyp Malone creates the perfect free love hippie visuals to accompany such a sentiment: various couples (even a threesome!) make out, birds shake a tail feather (ha), a blonde suit-wearing man (Trump??) smokes a cigar on a toilet that spews out muck onto the earth. These and Malone's other cartoony creatures morph and ooze into each other in four minutes gooey, kaleidoscopic hedonism.

At the end, a naked man walks around in a meadow holding a sign that says “the begin is nigh!” The apocalypse may be looming, but Gersten is championing love amidst the pandemonium.

“I'm trying to stay optimistic, when things fall apart it creates an opportunity for a new way,” he said. “Sometimes love is born out of chaos."

Watch cartoon couples get groovy to "The Planet is Doomed" here: 

Written by Kylie Obermeier